How to sell?

Sell your art objects with Asium-auction in three easy steps:


Ask for a preliminary estimate

We can provide you with estimates for your objects in less than 48 hours, via our online form or by appointment in Paris or elsewhere in France. Our experts can also visit you at home, in order to create an inventory.

Requesting an estimate is not binding on you the client.

Free estimates for your Asian art objects

Asium offers a unique expert assessment and a free quote service.
Our Asian art experts are available to estimate your paintings, objects and furniture for free.

To obtain your estimates, simply fill out the form here

You’ll then receive your quote within seven working days.

In order to submit your request and to receive a personalised quote, you are required to create an account.


Entrust us with your objects for an expert assessment

Following this preliminary assessment, and if you’re determined to sell your objects, an expert on parts will be required. For this purpose, simply drop your objects at our premises (Paris, Brussels or Marseille) or use our carrier network. The expertise on offer is free and still not binding on your part, and your objects are fully insured by us


Confirm your agreement to include your objects in one of our upcoming auctions

A warrant is drafted to include all sales terms and conditions (date, estimate, reserve price, etc.). Pictures of your objects are then taken from all angles by a professional photographer, and your objects are described and posted online three weeks before the date of the sale. They are also available to all collectors for viewing on our premises.

The sale takes place online in a fully open fashion, and you are notified of the result by email. At the end of the sale, all your results are displayed on your account.